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Terms and conditions of promotion



1. Organizer - Anna Mrowińska conducting business under the name of Anna Mrowińska Zeme Pharm with registered office in Warsaw, Al. J. CH. Szucha 3/2 (00-580), NIP: 9680876255, REGON: 300281484.

2. Goods/products - a movable item or movable items being the subject of an agreement of sale in the Online Store and covered by the Promotion;

3. Promotion - an offer for the sale of Goods under the "NEWSLETTER" promotion, prepared by the Organizer according to the rules indicated in the Regulations below.

4. Participant - a Consumer or Prosumer who purchases Goods under the Promotion;

5. Consumer - a person who purchases the Goods without direct connection with his/her business or professional activity (according to Article 221 of the Civil Code).

6. Entrepreneur-consumer, Prosumer - a person who performs legal actions with the Organizer directly related to his/her business activity, when the content of this legal action indicates that it is not of a professional nature, resulting in particular from the subject of the business activity performed by the entrepreneur-consumer, available in the Central Register of Business Activity (CEIDG);

7. Store - online store

8. Rules and Regulations - these Regulations specifying the terms and conditions for the purchase of Goods in the Store under the Promotion.


1. The Promotion Participant is entitled to a discount of 15% on care products currently available in the Store.

2. The discount is calculated from the current regular prices in force at the Organizer after the Promotion Participant enters the discount code received after signing up for the Samarité newsletter.

3. The Promotion covers Goods currently available in the Store, being the subject of the Store's offer not covered by any discount or promotion.

4. Clients will receive information about the Promotion Action, its rules in the newsletter.

5. Participation in the Promotion is determined by the date of conclusion of the sales agreement in the Store.

6. The Promotion applies to the purchase of Products only through the Store after simultaneous entry of the discount code made available in the e-mail sent after confirming the e-mail address when signing up for the newsletter. In particular, the Promotion does not include Goods sold by intermediaries or distributors.

7. Participation in the Promotion is voluntary. Participant is required to read the Terms and Conditions before entering the Promotion. Participation in the Promotion implies simultaneous acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

8. The promotional offer shall not be combined with other promotions or discounts offered by the Organizer.

9. Each Participant is entitled to participate in the Promotion once during the Promotion period.


1. The Promotion Regulations are available on the website of the Store:

2. These Terms and Conditions are the only document defining the rules of the Promotion. Any content contained in advertising and promotional materials relating to the Promotion is for information purposes only.

3. The provisions of these Regulations do not affect or limit the right of complaint relating to warranty or guarantee or other generally applicable law.

4. The rules for handling complaints and return of products purchased under the Promotion are set forth in the Regulations of the Online Store, available at in the Promotion Regulations tab.

5. Matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the Regulations of the Online Store and generally applicable laws.

6. The rules of processing personal data of Promotion Participants in connection with the use of the Promotion are described in the Privacy Policy on the website .

7. The Promotion Organizer reserves the right to change the Promotion Terms and Conditions in case of a material reason understood as:

a. change of legal regulations governing the rules and organization of the Promotion significantly affecting the rights and obligations of the Organizer and Promotion participants;

b. shortening of the term of the Promotion related in particular to depletion of stocks of products included in the Promotion;

c. change of the manner of conducting the Promotion due to technical or technological reasons.

8. The Regulations shall come into force on 20.11.2023.

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