Samarité formulas give the skin everything it needs

Samarité recipes are perfectly balanced. They blend in with the skin and act only where they are needed, mending all of its deficiencies and imperfections. Our formulas restore harmony simultaneously on four levels: hydration, lipids, regeneration and blood vessels, thus regulating the most vital processes of the epidermis.

For the first time ever, you can obtain perfect skin harmony using fewer products.

Harmony of regeneration

maintains the balance between natural exfoliation of the epidermis and its reconstruction. The skin is deeply cleansed and strengthened, which gives it an even tone and a firm, healthy appearance.

Harmony of capillaries

is accomplished when blood vessels’ walls are strong and maintain the proper microcirculation in the skin, which results in a bright, renewed skin that glows and is free of redness and spider veins.

Harmony of hydration

makes the skin look visibly younger, full of life, smooth, soft, firm and flexible. Moisture and hydration are the key to a healthier and wrinkle-free skin.

Harmony of lipids

is fat balance that guarantees skin resistance to external factors and normalizes the secretion of sebum, so that it’s flawlessly glowing with no blemishes and visible pores.

Why are Samarité products for everyone, regardless of age, skin type and lifestyle?

Samarité products are based on groundbreaking, intelligent formulas that act exactly where the skin needs them and exactly how it needs it. If the skin is younger or less demanding, it draws less from them than when it is mature or dry.

So do not worry that the skin will get used to them and the products will cease to be effective.

The products respond to absolutely all skin problems: they strongly moisturize, regenerate, reduce wrinkles, lift, thicken, eliminate discolorations, strengthen blood vessels, act as an antioxidant, soothe irritations, reduce pores and regulate the secretion of sebum.


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