Samarité's Effects

Our products guarantee immediate skin rebirth effects.

Samarité is a promise that is always kept.

Pictures of the effects of using Samarité cosmetics for a minimum of 10 days sent by customers in the cyclical competition “SAMARITÉ EFFECTS”


The following pictures show the effects 5 minutes after applying the Divine Cream around the eye.
Opinions about products have been gathered a month after taking photos. The photos have not been retouched.

It really is a divine cream, I use it everyday and only once a day! From the moment I started applying it to my skin, it has become so moisturized that I can simply let it rest at night. I am delighted with the moisturizing properties and the fact that my wrinkles have significantly smoothed out.


I have been using the entire collection, both cream and elixir for a month now. Honestly? I have never used such amazing products in my life, and I tested a lot of them, including top shelf cosmetics. My skin is tight, the wrinkles almost disappeared, and I could only dream about such deep moisturizing. I am shocked that cosmetics can have such a fantastic effect.

Karina, 36 YEARS USING Divine Cream, Divine Elixir

I have problematic, vascular, oily complexion in the T-zone with visible pores and high sensitivity, not to mention occasional pimples. After using these products, I haven’t had any allergic reactions (which is very rare in the case of natural cosmetics), and I can see that my complexion is visibly soothed, I have much less redness and I don’t have to touch up makeup all day long. My skin doesn’t shine as much as it did before! It’s really a miracle!
Kasia, 43 YEARS USING Divine Cream, Divine Elixir

My complexion is not that problematic, but it’s had a gray tone and has been looking unhealthy for a quite a while. These products were like a gift from above. After applying the elixir, my skin became radiant and tight in a matter of seconds, and the cream moisturized it so well. I never thought I would say this, but I don’t have a problem with going out without any make-up. I just apply a bit of concealer under my eyes and I’m good to go! I’m very delighted with these products.
Camille, 45 YEARS USING Divine Cream

I have been looking for a good anti-wrinkle cream for a long time and I finally found it! I don’t know what, but there’s definitely something magical in it. It’s addictive – maybe it’s the lovely fragrance, maybe the consistency or the wonderful effects… or maybe it’s all of it! One thing’s sure: I’m addicted and I don’t regret it!
Edyta, 39 YEARS USING Divine Cream

I don’t know much about cosmetic products, I only use whatever my daughter tells me to. She’s also the one that recommended Samarité to me and I’m so glad she did! I will never use any other products again. Not only do I not have to use the cream twice a day, but only once (which is a big plus for me, I don’t like creams), but my skin is finally not dried out, stretched and itchy. It’s perfectly moisturized, and my husband himself noticed that I look younger than ever. It’s really a very strong moisturizing face cream.
Walentyna, 51 YEARS USING Divine Cream

I have nothing more to say than: this is the best cream I’ve ever used! My wrinkles are much smaller, the skin has an even tone, it’s radiant and looks healthy and my dark circles under the eyes have significantly decreased. It works perfectly as a lifting cream and eye cream! In addition, it smells insanely beautiful and is absorbed in a second.
Alice, 36 YEARS USING Divine Cream

I use aesthetic medicine treatments and my doctor recommended these cosmetics to maintain the effects of treatments. I am delighted with them. My skin is smooth, moisturized, tight and has a beautiful, even color.

Edyta, 41 YEARS USING Divine Cream, Divine Elixir

The effects of the elixir and cream used together are very impressive. Before, I used a different moisturizing cream, another cream for a vascular skin, another cream for mature skin and another one for the eye area, and a wrinkle serum on top of all of that. Now I have one set that works for everything. I see improvement in the visibility of spider veins, and I am delighted with the reduction of wrinkles. Totally insane! A month of using Samarité and my face looks and feels like it’s 5 years younger. I recommend it to everyone, without excpetion!
Danika, 47 YEARS USING Divine Cream, Divine Elixir

I am a mother of a two-year-old and this cream makes me look like I’ve had a good night’s sleep for the past two years. My dark circles have visibly reduced and my skin looks as radiant as ever!

Marika, 31 YEARS USING Divine Cream

I have very sensitive skin, I’ve been looking for a natural, anti-wrinkle cream that will not irritate it. A friend of mine recommended the Samarité cream and elixir and I could not be happier! My skin is soothed and I stopped having so much irritation. I also noticed my wrinkles have smoothed out and my face has never been so hydrated.

Natalia, 34 YEARS USING Divine Cream

I have been using the same face cream for years. It’s difficult to convince me to change the product that I’ve been used to, but a colleague of mine finally persuaded me. I’m glad she did. I feel like my skin is so much more hydrated than it used to be. It’s smooth, the wrinkles are visibly smaller and my dark circles have nearly disappeared. I am very happy because I finally look my age, but on the other hand I feel so much younger, as if I’ve grown younger for at least three years.
Małgorzata, 57 YEARS USING Divine Cream

I’m in love with Samarité, especially the elixir. Immediately after use my skin is tight, as if after a professional medical treatment. I love to use it especially in the morning right after I get up. I apply the elixir and IMMEDIATELY my skin looks so much more energized. The cream is great too. It works well under makeup and the skin doesn’t shine. In addition, I see significantly reduced wrinkles and reduced pores.
Magda, 42 YEARS USING Divine Cream, Divine Elixir

I never believed that cosmetics could have such an effect. Face cream would usually moisturize and smooth out the skin, I never noticed any improvement when it comes to wrinkles… until I started using Samarité. Not only does it moisturize the skin, it also tightens it, smoothes and reduces wrinkles visibly. My skin generally looks better than before, it’s more radiant and younger looking. It’s amazing. What’s also great is that it can be also used under the eyes, so I do not have to use a lot of products anymore. It’s a rejuvenating cream. And the smell reminds me of my childhood. So literally it’s like traveling back in time

Anne, 64 YEARS USING Divine Cream

I don’t have major problems with my complexion. The most annoying are my enlarged pores and an awful shine in the T-zone. After applying the elixir, my skin became tighter, and pores much less visible. The cream on the other hand moisturized it and smoothed out my wrinkles. And what’s most important: I got rid of the hideous T-zone shine and I don’t have to fix my make-up during the day, because since I started using Samarité, I happen to not put on any make-up at all!

Iza, 36 YEARS USING Divine Cream, Divine Elixir

I love these cosmetics! At last I don’t have to use a million products everyday – only just a few for every single thing. My complexion isn’t so irritated and red anymore. It’s smooth and soft and I’m delighted with the effect of smoothed out wrinkles, reduced dark circles and the glorious radiance of my skin. The elixir is a perfect serum for a vascular complexion and my skin is in a much better condition now. I am a huge fan of these products. I just can’t wait to apply them again – the entire process is very pleasant and relaxing. .
Iza, 44 YEARS USING Divine Cream, Divine Elixir

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