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Samarité is a unique, international concept for face and body care products

It has been prepared in the strictest confidence with the best beauty experts.

They have created intelligent, natural formulas based on ancient formulations incorporating the most powerful ingredients in nature.

The secret behind Samarité is the enrichment of these natural formulas with biotechnologically advanced active ingredients that guarantee immediate skin rejuvenation effects. The spectacular success of Samarité products has surprised even its creators.

We would like to introduce you to the experts who stand behind the unique formulations of Samarité products. These outstanding individuals not only contributed to their creation, but will also share their knowledge and experience with you here, on our blog.


An expert with extensive experience, a graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in the field of Chemistry at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.

She regularly takes part in international symposia, seminars and cosmetic conferences. In 2003, she obtained the ISO9001 TÜV Internal Auditor Certificate. A technologist with 42 years of experience, primarily as Chief Technologist, and Research and Development Laboratory Manager. She has introduced over 1,000 formulations on the market, the vast majority of which have become bestsellers.

She specializes in finding unconventional ingredients and popularizing them on the cosmetics market. She was the first to introduce products with argan oil, as well as manuka oil and honey on the Polish market. She was also one of the first to bring cosmetics with acids, Matrixyl and Tetra, a stable form of vitamin C, to Polish drugstores.

Barbara Zapisek, MSc, will write articles about the complexity of Samarité formulations and the latest cosmetic ingredients through the eyes of a technologist.


An expert and enthusiast, graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Medical University in Poznań, and a cosmetologist with 15 years of experience.

Her work deals mainly with laser therapy and other methods of skin restoration. She is interested in innovative cosmetology technologies as well as modern substances and carriers used in cosmetics. She believes that the quality and form of cosmetic ingredients determines their effectiveness. That is why she is a supporter of modern technologies that help to obtain ultra-effective cosmetic substances from natural ingredients.

Privately, she uses retinol, herbal extracts, chemical peels, laser therapy and Samarité products to care for her skin. She will write articles on Samarité products, the ingredients that are generally used in cosmetics and cosmetic myths from a cosmetologist’s perspective.


An outstanding specialist who is currently specializing in Dermatology and Venereology and postgraduate studies at the Postgraduate School of Aesthetic Medicine of the Polish Medical Society.

A member of the Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging and the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

She is particularly passionate about dermatosurgery and aesthetic medicine. Dr. Martyna pays particular attention to prophylaxis. In her opinion, keeping the skin in good condition from the very beginning creates a foundation for a lasting healthy appearance. The hallmarks of her work are the natural effects that she obtains while using aesthetic medicine treatments. Dr. Martyna Szaniawska will write expert articles on coping with skin problems, aesthetic medicine treatments, and, of course, Samarité products through the lens of a doctor.


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